Thursday, April 16

Easter Sunday

The girls were upstairs when we told them we just saw the Easter Bunny. The rushed down the stairs but just missed seeing him.
The Easter Bunny left their filled baskets where they were easy to spot.
Next it was on to the Easter Egg hunt!

The Easter Bunny filled about 60 to 70 eggs with Valentine's candy.

Here is the second Easter basket since their regular Easter baskets are not quite big enough for all of those eggs.
They both really believe in the Easter bunny and it is so sweet.
(Princess A asked me to call the Easter Bunny a few days before Easter and ask if the bunny would bring her a coloring book!)

Now for one of the best parts opening up the eggs and seeing the surprise.
They only had two kinds of candy, Sweettart hearts and mini Hersey bars, but every time Princess A opened and eggs she was so excited! She would exclaim "Mommy, I got another Sweettart" or "Mommy, more chocolate!" Even after 30 eggs she was still excited every time.

Princess G did not find as many eggs as Princess A. Princess A went through her eggs before she opened them and gave her sister some, especially the colors Princess G did not find. Daddy picked up flowers for his girls. I received my favorites, Star Gazer lilies.
Happy Easter!!
I hope yours was as much fun as ours!

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