Friday, April 3

Princess A's First Race

Princess a ran her first race.

Here is her first race number (we are keeping it!)

As Daddy told her, it is important to stretch before you race.

Daddy had his own race to run but he ran with Princess A for her first race instead.And they are off!!!She did the mile in 11:16.
The age group was 12 years and under. She was the ninth or tenth runner across the finish line and the second girl. I think she did fantastic for her first race, especially since we had such a hard winter this year and she has barely had a chance to run around outside.

The local Fire Department had their fire truck out for the kids to play on after the race.Princess A got to 'drive' the big truck.
It was a wonderful day, even if it was foggy.
Princess A can't wait for her next race!


  1. looks like she had a great day good for her for running a great time to me
    thanks also for stopping by my blog and entering another great contest

  2. How sweet! I have run a couple 5ks with my son (at 7 y/o and 9 y/o) and we have had a wonderful time. Great bonding and modeling as well.


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