Monday, April 20

Ride-ons at Mall

My girls just love those Ride-on things at the mall. You know the ones you put quarters into so they move. I actually have never put any quarters in (besides the horse at Fred Meyer's). One time a little boy was on the roller coaster one and didn't like it. The dad offered the girls the rest of the ride. They loved it and ask if I have any quarters to turn it back on most time we are there. Since they have more fun with just their imaginations I have yet to give in! When they were littler I would let them pick a ride or a bouncy ball at Old Navy's. They always picked the bouncy balls, well at least until the machine broke.
Even without the movements they still want to climb on every time we go past them!
They have to try each one at least once before we can leave. They have two spots at our mall with these and each has about six rides. Sometimes I cut through the J.C. Penny's parking lot as a shortcut that also bypasses the rides, making it an even better shortcut.

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  1. Beautiful girls. They sound just like my children. They always want to climb or sit on the rides, but don't care if they don't actually move.



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