Thursday, April 30

McGruff at Daisy Meeting

McGruff and his friends came to talk to the girls at their Daisy meeting. Princess A loved meeting McGruff and learning about safety. At one point she told the officer that if a bad person did grab her it was O.K. to kick and bite them but she would run super fast so they can't get her. It was nice to hear that my warning have sunk in, at least a little. It is scary to know that 90% of kids who are taken are taken by someone they have met before. It makes sense but is still scary. We also learned about 911, when to call and when not call. We got to listen to some calls that should not have been made. A lady called about getting her bird out of a tree, a man called about a high school football score (he had seen officers at the game) and the best was to lodge a complaint against aliens. Not illegal aliens, aliens from another galaxy. He wanted to make sure the sheriff's department knew the aliens had left something under the local hospital 200 years ago.

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