Tuesday, April 21

Kid's Creations Swing Set

The weather has been so nice the last few days. We actually put sunscreen on yesterday and I put some on Princess A for school (they have recess on Tuesdays.) We have a small neighborhood park within walking distance of our house and the girls just love going there to play. It has swings, monkey bars, slides and a few other things to climb all over. We have a backyard and I would love to have a Kid's Creations swing set for the girls to play on. It would be so nice to play in the shade in the morning and late afternoon (the park is in full sun with no shade at all!) Plus it would be nice to be able to sit while they play for hours and hours and hours. I must admit I would playing on it too. Hey I am just a big kid. Yesterday was crazy sock day (sorry I forgot to take pictures) at school and I wore crazy socks and capri pants so you could see the socks. I looked so silly but I had so much fun too. Princess G wore silly socks too! I want this swing set almost more for me than the princesses. I had a metal swing set as a child and loved it. We played on it everyday, even in the dead of winter and in the rain, if we could sneak past my Mom. I love that the Kid's Creation swing set swing set does not sound that hard to put together since I will be doing most of it. I will have my husbands help but he is not that handy so he will be for the brute force and I get to supervise. Years ago my husband and his Dad spent hours trying to figure out how to put Princess A's crib together. I went to help and 15 minutes later it was done! Dad Blogs is having a huge contest to win the a Kid's Creations swing set. I would really love to win!! Go on over to enter. If sign-up please tell them Noreen sent you and leave a comment here letting me know you did!

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