Thursday, December 10

100 Rose Quartz Hearts from Santa?!?

Princess A asked Santa to bring her one hundred rose quartz hearts. I asked her why she wanted so many and she said "So I have lots extra to share with my sister, you, Daddy and friends." She has already promised her sister four hearts but she told me she is really giving her sister ten. I am not sure what to do at this point. Do I try and find just one, a couple or what? I tried telling her Santa might not be able to get that many and she reassured me that Santa's elves would be able to do it. At six she still really believes. I am not sure what to do. I know she also likes polished rock so maybe I will get some polished rocks and a few stone hearts. I have been looking around ebay and amazon and one heart is not too expensive but a hundred is very expensive. Even a couple starts to get pricey. Any suggestions on how to make her Christmas wish true?


  1. How about rose quartz heart beads?
    There is a seller on eBay
    she sells various sizes of RQH beads by the inch, strung. With free shipping you could get about 25 for $7 or so...would this make them affordable? Maybe get some actual rock ones and then fill in with the bead ones to get to 100?
    If you can get her the 100 I'd have Santa leave a note with the ones he does leave, saying that there was a large number of little girls requesting these this Christmas so he had to spread what his elves could make around to everyone, so no one had to go without.
    I'm sure you'll come up with something... ;-)

  2. I meant...Can't get her, not can get her. 4 am is not the time to be


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