Sunday, December 6

How to Shop for Toys When Yours Kids are with You

I was reading Boston Mamas and they have a list of holiday hacks and I thought I would share how I shop for toys when Princess G, who is four years old, is with me. I used the same plan when Princess A, who is six now, was the same age as Princess G. This last summer I also used this trick on the girls together and they did not figure it out. My trick is to shop with totes and have one open in your cart. I always shop with totes so the girls don't think anything of seeing the totes. The difference is that when they are distracted I place the toy or surprise in the tote, with bar code on top, in the cart. I place few things they can know about in the cart and head to checkout. Once in the checkout I let the clerk know I don't want the girl(s) to see the item(s) I am purchasing. Sometimes I have to talk in code or use hand signals but they always understand. They usually just use the hand scanner on the item or if they have to pull it out of the bag the do it on the floor, near their feet, where the girls can't see them. My other items are place in separate tote. Once I get home the toy tote goes up in the garage or my closet. I have used this trick so many time, it works even better with a stroller if they stay strapped in, which mine never did.

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