Tuesday, December 15

Teacher Gift Tutorial: Flower Brooch

After we made the flower headbands I thought a brooch made from the flowers would be a great teacher gift. The girls have six teachers together and that is a lot of gifts. Princess G has four teachers at her Pre-K and Princess A has a student teacher in addition to her regular teacher. We had some leftover petals from making the headbands but I also picked up some more at Walmart, they had a mixed bag of flowers that had fallen off the fake flower stems. I also picked up pin backings for the brooches since I did not have any.
The girls picked out the petals and the order of the petals for each flower and the gem to place in the middle.
First I warmed up my glue gun and picked up one of the pin backings.
I took one of the flowers they designed and flipped it over.

Starting with the bottom petal (now on the top of the pile) I glued each petal on, one at a time. The pin backing had three holes so I lined the hole in the middle of the petal to the middle hole of the pin backing to ensure the flower was centered.

I continued gluing on petals while shifting the each new petal slightly clockwise to create a fuller looking flower.
Finally all of the petals are glued on, it really does not take long.
Lastly I glue the gem in the middle for a little sparkle and to hid any glue that seeped through.

Here are the six brooches all done! The girls wrapped them up last night and placed a candy cane with each.
I think they are rather pretty and I hope their teachers like them.

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