Tuesday, December 22

Princess G's Christmas Program

Friday morning Princess G has her Christmas Program at school. Princess G was in the first row and at first I could not see her at all from my seat. I joined a bunch of parents in the center aisle, trying to get a better picture. Everyone was half squatting so I got down on my stomach and started filming and taking pictures. Hey a mommy has to do what a mommy has to do, plus I made sure I was not blocking anyone, as I was laying completely on my stomach. The school director looked over at me and sort of chuckled. I did get some great video and pictures!
After they sang songs about baby Jesus and Christmas we all went back to the preschool for snacks and drawings.
Princess G drew a picture of herself, what a cutie.
Her is Princess G with one of her teachers. She gave them the Christmas gifts (flower brooches and candy canes) on Wednesday so they each gave her a lovely Thank you note. She wanted to wait for her sister to read them to her.My baby is getting so big now. She sang so wonderfully and was proud of herself. She keeps practising the song too, just yesterday she sang them the whole time we were grocery shopping.

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