Thursday, December 17

Tea Party Just for Fun

Princess A had a half day at school and when we got home they were having a pretend tea party upstairs. I always meant to have some tea parties after Princess G's birthday party but I just never did. I decided to change that and grabbed the tea set.

The girls were so excited to have a tea party just because!
I also baked fresh strawberry scones for a tea party snack.
I used the decaffeinated (Lipton)tea I bought for the tea party in July. We usually drink hot herbal tea (they like the Celestial Seasons Zingers, Peppermint, Chamomile and Sleepytime the best) but for tea parties they like to have 'real tea' with sugar (poured from the creamer). I still have not remembered to buy sugar cubes, do they even sell them anymore?
I really need to make a point of having a tea party at least once a month since it is not that hard to do and the girls love it!

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