Monday, December 21

Flower Girls in a Wedding

The girls were just so excited when their Aunt Cathy asked them to be flower girls in her wedding. She decided to only have flower girls, four of them, and a ring bearer. Here they are right before the ceremony started.
Princess G was concentrating so hard on walking slow like she was asked to she forgot to drop the flower petals. Plus all along they told her she would be walking with her sister, at the last moment they told her to go first and walk in front of her sister. I think she was just a little unsure since they did not practise at all.
Princess A had fun dropping the flower petal, very carefully one by one.
Princess A showed Princess G how to drop the flower petal just as they reached the altar.

My girls look so pretty with the new bride.

My handsome family!
I bought a new dress and even wore heels, the second time this year!

Princess G was having so much fun I let her draw on the condensation on the windows, of course now she keeps doing it at home.
They had sparkling apple cider for the toast and Princess A just loved it. She tried it a few years ago and did not like it at all, now she adores it. I am going to try and remember to pick some up for Christmas.
After a very, very yummy dinner it was time to dance!
Princess A even taught some dance moves to the bride.

I was being silly and showed Princess A how to dip so the rest of night her Daddy and I had to dip her over and over!
These two danced for hours! At times they were the only ones on the dance floor.
It was a beautiful wedding and the girls loved their first time being flower girls. They are also excited because now they can wear these dresses whenever they want. I told them we had to save the dresses for the wedding but now that it is over they can wear them all the time.

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