Sunday, December 20

Visiting Santa

We love this Santa and visit him every year. Princess A informed me that sometimes Santa has helpers that dress up as him to help because he is so busy but that this is the REAL Santa!
I must agree he is a great Santa which is why we ended up waiting for almost two hours!

Princess A let Santa know that her list includes a Strawberry Shortcake Cafe, Barbie Three Musketeers (pink) doll and movie and 100 rose quartz hearts.
Princess G wants a My Little Pony Unicorn Bakery, a Three Musketeers (green) doll and a twirly whirly race car (I hope this is what she means).
As we were leaving Santa told them that since they were such good girls that he would wake up their Mom on Christmas Eve and tell me where he hid a special gift just for them. The photographer also told me that my girls were so sweet and that she remembers them.
The wait was forever but after seeing these faces it was well worth it, at least it will be a whole year before I have to wait in that line again!

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