Wednesday, January 20

Adventures of Meno Review

We received Adventures of Meno Big Fun and Wet Friend books last month and Princess G has been enjoying them. She has been asking Princess A to read them over and over. The stories are very sweet and the illustrations are simple and cute. I love that at the end of the both books they have a glossary and the first book has a Meno song. Just so cute. I did laugh out loud the first time I read the page with David Hasselhoff in Wet Friend. We really enjoyed the first two books in the series and can't wait for the next two when they come out in April.

The Adventure Of Meno books can be purchased at for $9.99 each.
You can also try to win this set of books and a oh so cute Meno blanket (I so wish I could win the Wishi blanket) at Catch the Drift with Mama Snow.

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  1. Awesome! Hey woman you won on my blog! Congrats! Please e-mail with your address and which one you want asap

    Have a great day! ♥(((HUGS)))♥


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