Sunday, January 17

Princess A's Princess Party

After her friend's Princess Tea Party Princess A threw her own Princess Party in her room. The attendees were Princess G, Daddy and Mommy. She had princess dresses and and crowns for everyone to wear (Daddy is wearing the lamb headband/crown). Luckily she did not have Daddy and I dress up in princess clothes, we were to big she told us.
We then each got to practise walking with a book on our head, Daddy was able to walk the longest but we were all able to do it.

Princess G was so proud when she finally got the book to stay while she walked.

Next the girls re-enacted part of Sleeping Beauty. Princess A was Maleficent, Princess G was Princess Aurora and Daddy was Prince Philip.
Lastly we played sleeping flower, which is like hot potato. We passed the flower around while Princess A hummed the music. When the music stopped the person holding the flower (me) sniffed it and fell asleep. The game continues until only one person was awake.
The girls are always coming up with something and I love it!!!

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