Thursday, January 28

Girls Scout Cookie Orders!

Here are the girls last week having a quick snack (Amish Friendship bread) before heading out to collect cookie orders.
Last year as a Daisy, Princess A's troop decided not sell Girl Scout Cookies.
This year we are selling girls scout cookies but are not requiring a minimum amount sold.
Princess A wants to sell 1,000 cookies. I was just hoping for 12 so she would earn the badge. Princess A then decided she would like to sell 1,000 but 150 would be good so she can earn the small stuffed Panda. We turned in our pre-orders and her total was 86 boxes. She will still have a chance to sell some more cookies at a booth outside a store but as we have almost the last day I doubt we will sell many. In our area the troops enter a lottery for booth times and most of the ones her troop received we can't attend. Who has kids selling cookies until 8pm in the dark?
We took one of the few daytime slots. I hope for her sake we sell at least 64 boxes but I doubt especially since she has to split the sales with another brownie so they really would need to sell 124 boxes in 2 hours.
There is always next year. I was impressed we sold 86, as we have little family in the area and there are a lot of girl scouts in our neighborhood.
If you did not get to order any cookies don't worry you can still get some this year. In our area (western Washington) the booth sales start around February 28.


  1. Amish friendship bread is amazing. I need a batter so I can make some. It's great the girls have goals at such a young age.

  2. If I were in your town, I would totally buy cookies from your two cute girls. The Thin Mints are my favorite...especially frozen! :)


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