Thursday, January 14

Lunch at School

Since school started in the Fall Princess A has been asking me to come and have lunch with her at school. The problem is that her lunch starts right when Princess G get out of Pre-K. That still leaves me two days a week but I kept forgetting. We finally surprised Princess A at lunch. She was so excited when we showed up. She did not see us at first but all of her friends recognize us and told her we were there.Princess G was excited too since it was her first lunch at school and the first time she got to use her school lunch bag.
I put both of our lunches in Princess G lunch bag. She had a roast beef on a soft dinner roll (a new favorite of both the girls) and I had a tuna sandwich. Lunch was fun but I forgot how uncomfortable those school lunch tables are, especially after thirty minutes.

Right after lunch is first recess which we were able to stay for. It was raining so we couldn't play on the playground equipment, well we could of but we would of been soaked.

Princess A decided on a new game, Extraordinary Explorers. They walk around the blacktop looking for interest and extraordinary things. If you find something really extraordinary you 'get a check next to your name'. I got a check next to my name for finding a mashed and very wet peanut shell. It was really kind of cold and Princess G started to get a little bored (she really wanted to spin but it was covered in water) so we left before recess was over.
Besides the lunch table it was lots of fun. I am going to try and surprise Princess A at least once a month and have lunch with her at school!

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