Monday, January 18

Tacoma Art Museum

We took the girls to the Tacoma Art Museum and they loved it.
Princess A was so excited to see what other artist have created, especially the paintings.
Photographs are not allowed in the actual museum but let me tell you it was wonderful. The museum is not very big but it was the perfect size for the girls. We saw all of the exhibits (we missed a few in the drawers but saw all of the ones out) in about 45 to 50 minutes. I loved the glass and the impressionist paintings the most. I love the Renoir of two girls. I have seen other ones of the same subjects but not this particular painting. Princess A loved "Ballet in the Park" by Everett Shinn. I tried finding a poster of it to hang in her room but no such luck.
After the main part of the museum we went to the hands on art room. The girls had a blast and we were creating art for over an hour! Princess G started with making a collage.

Princess A made a drawing with oil pastels and then added some umbrellas she cut out as a collage.

While Princess G still worked on a second collage with Daddy Princess A tried basket weaving.

She wanted to take the weaving home but since that part had to stay in the room I cut two pieces on paper in such a way so she could weave them together.

Next we found some water color crayons (you draw with the crayon and then blend the colors with water using either a paint brush or sponge).
Princess G wanted to try the watercolor crayons too.
While they were drawing/painting I found the paper bead kit. I made some beads by rolling paper and used them for a bracelet for Princess G. Princess A made her own beads for a bracelet after she finished the drawing/painting.
We all had so much fun and I can't wait for us to go back. The museum was the perfect introduction os an art museum for the girls since it is not too big and they get to make their own art at the end.
Every Third Thursday has free admission so check it out if you are in the area.

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