Monday, January 25

Out to Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory

I forgot to post out pictures from the dinner we had after the Tacoma Art Museum. We went and had dinner at the old Spaghetti Factory. The last time we went Princess G was just a baby (I remember her being in her car seat in the restaurant.) I think we stopped by two other times to eat but the wait was always to long for the girls.
(Don't you love their little baskets? They were mine and my sister's when we were little. the girls each put a stuffed animal in them, a seahorse and lamb.)

Princess A does not like sauces in general, so we ordered her plain spaghetti with a meatball on the side. She loved the plain pasta but not the meatball so Princess G ate it instead. I got my old favorite, tortellini with Alfredo sauce as did my darling husband.

Of course the girls loved the bowls of ice creams, we all ordered the spumoni.
I just love ice cream in a metal bowl with a metal spoon. It just taste better! Maybe I should try and find some metal ice cream dishes.
I miss going to the Old Spaghetti Factory. I first visited the one in Boston with my Alaskan roommate freshman year. Whenever her family was in a town with an Old Spaghetti Factory they always had to eat there. I remember having to take the T and walking for a while but it was so worth it. When I returned from college I introduced my family to the restaurant and my husband and I ate there all the time. We actually had Princess A's first birthday party at an Old Spaghetti Factory. When we told Princess A that she told us she did not remember but she is sure she had fun. I am not sure why we stopped going though it is probably because the restaurant was on the way home when we visited Seattle and we lived in Tumwater and now it is out of the way.

The girls loved the food, well parts of it. Princess A loved the plain pasta and tortellini without sauce and Princess G loved the meatball and tortellini with sauce. Of course both of them loved the bread and the ice cream. The food was so yummy we will have to try and make more of an effort to eat there.

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