Sunday, January 24

Princess and the Frog Movie

Daddy took all of his girls to go see the Princess and the Frog movie. The girls brought their Tiana dolls they received for Christmas. They were so excited when we told them they could bring their dolls as we don't usually let they bring dolls or stuffed animals outside of our house.

We loved the movie. It was just so much fun! The music was lively and stuck in your head, in a good way. We requested the soundtrack from the library and have been listening to all of the songs over and over. We will probably buy the soundtrack or at least download a few from itunes.
Daddy and his girls!
The girls love when Daddy takes us because he always buys them a popcorn and lemonade to share.

After the movie, which the girls wanted to see again as we left the theater, we went to our favorite Pho restaurant. I sometimes thing the girls like the lime wedges and fresh mint leaves more than the soup.

It was a wonderful day, we loved the movie and had a very yummy lunch.
The girls can't wait for the Princess and the Frog to come out on DVD as Daddy has already told them he will buy it for them.

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