Friday, January 15

Our New Year's Day

The girls wanted to celebrate the new year so they set of a carnival on the landing. Princess G was guarding the door so we would stay in our room until it was ready.
First a big hug for Daddy!
Then a sister hug! Before the carnival we sat down for a picnic snack. We had mini ice cream cones, pretzel sticks and Honey Sunshine cereal with cold water to drink.

We each got to eat the plain ice cream cones first. The girls just love eating plain cones, my little sister was just the same, well almost she only liked the very bottom of the cone so our cones were usually bottomless.
Finally it was time for the rides. the girls set the couch cushions up as slides. They were a little disappointed that Daddy and I would not go on them or jump on the couch. We just explained that we were just too big and did not want to break the cushions.
They were happy again as soon as they showed us the games. In this game you move the hobby horse around until you feel it snag a bracelet and then you reach your hand in a get the bracelet.

Princess G helped Daddy get his bracelet which he then proudly wore, pink sparkles and all.

Princess A showed be a ride I could go on, jumping from pillow to pillow!
After we played all of the games it was time to dance!! At first the girls took turns dancing to the songs and then it was time for everyone to dance!
I love when the girls come up with these type of ideas. I hope they keep this excitement and boundless imagination for the rest of their lives!

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  1. Sounds like one of those memory making, wonderfully fun family days!


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