Sunday, October 4

CleanWell Review

Princess A can not use most hand sanitizers. When she started school last fall she began using alcohol based hand sanitizers many times during the school day. Her finger tips became dry, cracked, pealed and were simply painful. We eliminated the hand sanitizers and her fingers began to heal. She then started washing her hands with soap and water while the rest of the class uses the alcohol based hand sanitizers. I did some searching on the net via blogs and twitter. I had a hard time finding much information on non-alcohol based sanitizers. One mom on twitter mentioned CleanWell. I went to Target and the Pharmacist agreed CleanWell All Natural Hand Sanitizer would be good to try. As soon as I picked my daughter up from school we tried it. Princess A loves it and the scent, she says is lemon and peppermint (two of her favorite scents). She normally hates anything on her hands, she is known to wash off lotion. She also always complained that hand sanitizers felt yucky. No complaints of CleanWell. Princess A and Princess G like it so much they want more than just the one spray. I too love the Cleanwell. I helped out at school at least one day a week last school year and I used their alcohol based hand sanitizers. By the end of the school day, and the next, my hands always felt raw. CleanWell is so much nicer plus the smell is wonderful. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Now I have a hand sanitizer that my daughter can use. Sometimes soap and water are not nearby and hands need to be sanitized.

The Target closest to me stopped carrying the 6 oz. hand sanitizer spray bottle (soon after I bought it) but the next closest started carrying the 1 oz. hand sanitizer spray bottle. I bought the small travel bottle (1 oz) of CleanWell for Princess A to use at school. I know last year my daughter felt singled out when she has to use the bathroom to wash her hands. She usually skipped snack just so she didn't not have to leave the room to wash her hands. Thank you so much for making a great product. Now Princess A is part of the class and has her little bottle at her desk.

I was not contacted or compensated for this review, we just adore Cleanwell and I wanted to share.

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