Thursday, October 15

Sewing with Princess A

Princess A kept watching me when I was making baby pinky and asked to help sew baby hippo (I still need to rip out some stitches and finish it for Princess G.) At the same time I was asked if I would like to review an item from a list of websites. I saw this great ALEX Toys - Sew Fun Sewing Machine and just knew that Princess A would love it. I can't wait for it to come so she can try it out (alright I want to give it a whirl too!) While exploring their sites I found some great bunk beds. When I was little our first house only had two bedrooms so my sister and I shared. My dad built our bunk bed, it was a kit I believe that made a stagecoach bunk bed. I loved that bunk bed but can you imaging having this bunk bed, it is almost like a playhouse you get to sleep in. I love the girls' beds but if we had moved we probably would've moved into a smaller house like my sister has. Her kids are in bunk beds right now. I keep looking at this bunk bed and I want it just to play in or get it as a playhouse for the girls. If only we had lots of room. My dad turned our old bunk bed into a playhouse and put it outside once we out grew it. I had so many great memories sleeping in that top bunk. has a variety of bunk beds including the more traditional and loft beds. I will have to let you all know how the sewing machine works out for Princess A. Does anyone have any easy projects for a first project on the sewing machine for Princess A?

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