Saturday, October 3

Pho: Yummy!!

Our new favorite thing to eat is Pho! My DH has been eating it friends at work for a while but us girls have never tried it. Pho is a soup with really long noodles, meat (that gets cooked by putting it in the hot soup when it is served) fresh herbs and sprouts. We happen to eating at one of our two favorite Thai restaurants and saw they had it on the menu. Princess A loves it!! We tried Pho at a Pho restaurants and she did not like it as much as she does the one from the Thai restaurant. My DH picked it up to go for us tonight and Princess A had two huge bowls of it. We like the meatball and steak version. Now Princess G does not like the soup. She does like the meat and fresh herbs with a little broth over rice. Does anyone have a great recipe for Pho I think I want to try and make it myself. I know Princess A would be so excited and have a full tummy.

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