Friday, October 30

Dressed up for Halloween with out a Costume

Celebrating Halloween is not allowed in our school district. A few years ago the school district did away with Halloween as to not offend those who practice Wicca. A few people who practice Wicca were quoted as saying they did not care and that Halloween is just fun and the kids should go ahead and celebrate. We still don't have Halloween at school. No costumes are allowed. The funny thing is that the PTA put on a Fall Fest last week (will post pictures soon) after school and the kids were encouraged to dress-up. This is what Princess A wore to school today, Halloweenish but NOT a costume. She wore the Spider barrette I made a few days ago, purple halloween shirt, black skirt and orange/black striped tights. Princess G goes to a private pre-k so she did get to dress up. Is Halloween allowed at your kids' schools? I have such fond memories of dressing up for school, the costume parade, the costume contest per grade, and lastly the party!! I think that we go to far sometimes to be politically correct.

It is just HALLOWEEN!

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