Monday, October 12

Princess A is a Brownie!

Princess A had her bridging ceremony tonight and went from being a Daisy to Brownie!!
She is just too cute! Her troop from last year split into two groups. Most of the kindergartners from last year (now first graders) decided to be a Daisy for another year, besides Princess A. She already earned all of the petal patches for Daisy members so I thought moving up would be the best. About half the troop is from last year and the troop seems evenly split between first and second graders. The parents are encouraged to not stay but I know I will be. Besides it being the first chance to sit down all day on Mondays Princess A wants me to stay. Just like the first meeting last year the girls each brought a 'me bag'. Princess A brought her baby pinky (the one I made for school), her sketch book (because she is an artist), a toy cake (she loves baking and wants to be on a Cake Challenge), a flower headband we made (to show she like to dress up and she likes crafting), a Disney Princess book: What is a Princess?(since she loves princesses and reading) and lastly her new race t-shirt from Saturday.

I can't wait to see what fun things they do and learn this year!!

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