Tuesday, October 13

Second Race of the Weekend: 10K

Sunday was the second race of the weekend (Saturday was the 1 mile and 5K), this race was a 10K and only Daddy ran. Here my darling husband is just starting the race and tucking his ipod away.
The runners were encouraged to dress up and since Daddy didn't I let the girls dress up for him. I knew the girls would want to play on the nearby playground and that it would be freezing so the tutus seemed the best.

The girls some how switched tutus and Princess G ended up with the much longer one. They both still look so cute. The playground was very wet so we walked for a while and went window shopping.
Just as the 5K runners were starting to trickle in we went back and the girls started coloring and writing in their sketch books.
We also sampled some of the candy put out for the runners. The girls picked out M&Ms and saved some for Daddy since it is his favorite candy.

Daddy was a little more tired that he thought since the course was very hilly (he thought it was going to be a flat course). I just checked and his official time was 42:46! He placed 9th overall for the 10K and 2nd in his age group. Way to go honey!!

After the race Daddy took the girls to Starbucks for Hot Cocoa, it was still freezing!!
It was a great race weekend and we found another 1 mile race in November for Princess A.
We might being racing again in a few weeks!

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