Monday, October 5

Yogurt and Granola

I had not eaten granola is a very long time when I won some Bare Naked Granola a few months ago. My mom never really bought granola but my Grandmother always had some. She usually bought fruit versions, strawberry and blueberries were her favorites. We always ate the granola with milk at my grandmother's but I always liked it on yogurt. I decided to purchase some plain yogurt for the girls to have with the granola. I wanted to get a full fat version (hard to find now days.) I found Nancy's Honey Whole Milk Yogurt.The girls just love eat the 'sour' yogurt by Nancy's, it does not have added sugar only a little honey. We eat so much yogurt now. We eat at least one large container each week. My DH is not a fan of anything sour so I get him the vanilla Nancy's yogurt which he really likes.

Princess G likes to just eat the yogurt plain too. After we finished the granola I won I found out that our grocery store carries organic granola in bins. Princess G and I like the nut and fruit one (if I take out the raisins for her) and Princess A likes the strawberry/raspberry version.
Do you have a new old favorite to eat?
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  1. That first photo is adorable (and what a cute bowl too). :)


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