Friday, October 30

October Oral Care Challenge

Our family took the October Oral Care challenge. For two weeks we brushed, flossed and used Listerine everyday. For the girls the first rinsed with Listerine Agent Cool Blue Tinting rinse. They both thought it was so cool that it would give their teeth a bluish tint. They each brushed on their own and then it was my turn. The first few nights there were a few blue spots they had missed that I brushed for them. After a few days I did not see and blue left on their teeth. I still brush their teeth after them but it was nice to see how well they are getting at brushing. Next I use a Reach Flosser (we were sent a new one but everyone in our family already had one) to floss the girls teeth. It makes it so much easier to floss when I don't have to try and fit my fingers in their little mouths. We were also a small sample of the Listerine Smart Rinse to use after brushing. Princess G loved it and asks for it every night. Princess A did not like it but did say she would use it once a week. The girls then proudly place a sticker on there chart. I think the tooth shaped stickers were their favorite part. After two weeks it has become a habit and now we automatically floss every night. The only night we did not do the whole routine was the night we spent in Seattle for my birthday and that was because I was not going to bring the big bottle of rinse.
My husband and I were also sent some tooth care items. I especially liked the Listerine Total Care. My husband has been using it for a while but I just never tried it. After finally trying it for this challenge I liked how much cleaner my mouth felt. I usually don't remember to wait the full thirty minutes before drinking anything but I am getting better.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Listerine and Reach and received Listerine and Reach products for the Oral Care Challenge and a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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