Thursday, May 6

Disneyland Day Five

We got up early so we could attend ToonTown Madness.

We were able to get a quick picture with Minnie before the presentation.

My little cute, sporting her shades and favorite hat (I originally got it for Princess A but she liked mine better.)

Princess A is wear what was my hat for one day and now it is hers.
I wish the store had another one, I really like that hat!
Being in Toon Town we had to go on the roller coaster, this time Daddy want with us.

When we got off the roller coaster we got a picture with Donald.

We went right back to the roller coaster again, the girls really like it.
We visited Mickey in his house.

We wanted a family photo so we went to visit Minnie at her house too.

Every time we go to Disneyland the girls like to have this picture taken.
I remembered to bring some pennies (we also did squished pennies this year) so the girls could each make a wish at the wishing well.
A rare picture with my darling husband.
Princess A was so excited when I gave her a new Minnie Mouse, she carried it all day!

Princess G was just as excited with her Mickey Mouse.
I love this picture, we took it New Orleans Square behind where you come out of Pirates of the Caribbean.
This trip we tried lots of things we had never done and the last day we did the Tiki birds and the House of Innovation. The House of Innovation is really cool after you have to sit through the infomercial (seriously I thought I walked into a timeshare sales office by mistake!)

We finally made it on the Autotopia but went we got to the car Princess G got upset because she wanted to ride with Daddy (he was not even in line with us so I am not sure how she thought he was riding with us.) I drove a little crazy, she laughed and everything was all better!
We were staying for the fireworks but since it was the last day we let the girls pick what they wanted to do. Princess G wanted to ride 'Roses' and Princess A went to ride Thunder Mountain.
Together we all rode the Teacups while Grandma and Grandpa found a spot to watch the fireworks.
Princess A wanted to ride Thunder Mountain again so Princess G and I hopped in line for Dumbo. After over 25 minutes (our longest line the whole trip) we got our last ride in.
The fireworks that night were great though I wish they started earlier. The next morning we got up and headed to the airport, another great trip to Disneyland!!

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  1. Did you bring your own double stroller...or rent one at the parks? Also: how old are your girls again? Remind me.

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip!


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