Friday, May 21

Spring Fair

Last month we attended the Puyallup Spring Fair and as usual the girls love making music every year on these sculptures.
This year Princess A entered the Creative Kids Art contest. Anyone can enter you just have to drive to the fair grounds before it opens to enter the art. She won second place for her origami bat.
Princess A also entered a watercolor, you can see it behind her right shoulder.
She also received a second place ribbon for her watercolor. She was so excited that 'real' artist judged her art and gave her 2nd place ribbons.
In the same building they have a table full of Legos.
Princess G also made a boat out of Legos.
Every year the girls also love to make a flower bonnet.
It is a paper plate with the middle cut out and a ribbon fed through slits on the side. The girls each picked out a few flowers and glue them on the hat. They each received many compliments as we walked around the rest of the day (yes they wore them all day!)

Princess G took her off to plant her pumpkin seed. The girls each planted a seed but only one is growing (the other started but then shriveled up.)

Another tradition is to make antennas and crawl through the tunnel (the ceiling is rough so you feel it like a bug would with antennas.)

Now this was new: the girls worked together to grind corn which they could take with them. The girls want to feed it to some ducks near our neighborhood.

Here they are with their hats again. So many people stopped them to ask where they got the hats or to just compliment them. It was a wonderful fair. I love the big Fall fair but the Spring one is so much calmer and less crowded.

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