Monday, May 3

Disneyland Day Three

Our third day started with star Tours again and then the Astro Riders.

I got to ride with little cutie.

As we were walking we saw the Queen of Hearts up ahead and were able to get a picture with her.
We also took a picture with the White Rabbit, we have never had pictures with either one before.
As soon as the pictures were done we hopped on the Tea Cups. The girls like to see if we can spin it super fast!!

The girls wanted to take some picture with crazy poses, so here they are!

Another ride on 'Roses.'

Daddy tried to take a picture by himself but you can see how that worked out. I did get one of just him after this one.
Princess G really wanted to go on Dumbo, she loves this ride and we do ride it every year.
Princess A did not want to wait in the long line (it was only about a 20 minute line but we usually only go for the short lines) but once we were on Dumbo she had a blast!
By this time their Grandparents were already suppose to be meeting us. Eventually they showed up and the girls were so excited. I don't have a pictures as my MIL will not have her picture taken. I never did get a single picture of her.
Princess A wanted to finally try the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom. Auntie Babe (my SIL), Grandma and I took her. She loved it so much she wanted to go again with Daddy.

Princess A battled Darth Vadar last year and couldn't wait for her Grandparents to watch her this year. Princess G is still not ready, maybe next year.

After dinner we went over to California Park for the Pixar Parade. We loved it and I recommend it over the parade they have in Disneyland right now.

My husband and girls had so much fun spending time with the Grandparents and Auntie, they couldn't wait to come back the next day all together.


  1. that looks like so much fun! You got some really great shots!

  2. Oh, how I love love LOVE Disneyland...but not the tea cups (I avoid them at all costs...I'd get so sick).

    Your "crazy pose picture" is awesome, by the way. Made me smile.


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