Sunday, May 2

Disneyland: Day Two

The girls wanted to go on Alice in Wonderland for our first ride.

Daddy and his cuties outside the Mad Hatter shop.

In all of our visits we have never tried Tarzan's Tree house since who wants to carry a toddler on all of the stair up and down. The girls really had fun so Princess G and I can back a few times when it was just us.
I also liked all of the views of Disneyland when you are so high up in the trees!
Princess A loved reading all of the story excerpts and taking the wheel.
No trip to Disneyland is complete without visiting Pooh Bear, we go every time.

Princess G is finally tall enough to go on lots of rides we never have gone on. We tried the Thunder Mountain Railroad which we all loved but Princess G thought it was a little rough so she said "I will go on it next year but not anymore this week!"
We finally made our way over to California Adventure park.

After we chased down Jessie (see the pictures here and some strange kid in the background) we went on Triton carousel.
Jessie came out again and we took some more pictures.

Princess G really loves Jessie. She still has the Jessie we bought her last year (you can see a picture of her in the background in Day 3) so her toy she picked out this year was a Woody. She also really wanted a Bullseye for Jessie to ride but they don't sell a stuffed version of him anymore you can only win it at one of the games on the Boardwalk, which we did not win!We next went on the Toy Story Mania ride, it really is so much fun but the lines can be long. We usually waited until the lines were 20 minutes or less, any longer is just worth it to us.

The girls always love Bug's Land and the Flick's Flyers are their favorite (well that and Hemlick's Chew Chew Train.)
We saw the Muppet Vision 3D which is so much fun. The girls don't know the Muppet's besides this show but they still enjoy it almost as much as their Daddy and I. I always loved the Muppet Show, Pigs in Space was always my favorite!
This year we finally tried a new area, I forgot the name but it is in the same building as Turtle Talk. They have lots of cool stuff including putting your voice into a cartoon, very fun!!!!
After all of the excitement we had dinner and went back to the hotel.

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  1. They're all great photos, but I love the one on the bridge to the treehouse!


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