Friday, May 7

Friend's Birthday Party

Over the weekend I received a phone call from our neighbor with almost the same address (the only difference is the Ct in the address so we get each other's mail all the time) and her granddaughter was having a birthday party and did we want to come? The girls jumped at the chance I finally got to meet the mom, I have only seen the girls with their Nana.
Even though Easter was over weeks earlier the kids still had a blast with an egg hunt.

They also played pin the crown on the princess (it is a barbie kite.)
After a few more games and cake it was time to go home. When we got home Daddy told them he could hear the whole party from our backyard and he knew had had a great time.
Sometimes the simplest parties are the most fun!

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  1. Pin the crown on the princess ... how cute is that. Looks like loads of fun!!!


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