Friday, May 14

Visit to Tulip Farm

Every Spring I take the girls to this tulip farm and I always take a picture of them in this pose in this spot.
Their favorite part is playing in the gazebo.

Just so cute I want to hug her all day!

This year Daddy came with us for the first time. The girls had fun showing Daddy around.

The girls love picking out their favorite flowers to have their picture taken next to.
Princess G liked these, but I suspect part of the reason was they were in the shade as it was very sunny.

Princess A is always smelling each one to see if they have different scents.

So sweet!
The tulip farm also has a showroom where you can buy flowers and other gifts. Daddy bought each of his girls a lovely bouquet.
We had a great day and now the girls and Daddy want to buy our own bulbs to bloom in our yard.

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