Tuesday, May 4

Planning a Fancy Nancy Tea Party

First you need to make invitations, you can make butterfly ones just like the one in Bonjour Butterfly!

You need crafts: One is to make paper butterflies, if you put them on a stick you can make them fly by flapping them up and down!

Another craft is to make or decorate crowns (use stickers or jewels.) Make sure you have lots of yummy foods. I usually make scones and heart shaped brownies. We also serve real loose tea in teapots and over the cup strainers (or apple juice for those who don't like tea). I will also pick up a few other treats and don't forget the cupcakes.
A Fancy Nancy Tea Party is also the perfect time to wear your fanciest dresses. Princess G wore this because it reminds her of a dress Fancy Nancy would wear!
Do you have any idea on how to plan a Fancy Nancy Tea party? You can join the discussion here.

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