Thursday, September 24

Do the Puyallup!

Last weekend we made the trek to the Puyallup Fair. We have been going almost every year since we moved to Washington (we skipped 2005 when Princess G was a newborn.)
The girls picked out their matching outfit for the fair.

Every year we always get a picture here to see how much they have grown in a year. Princess A is about 3 feet 10 inches.
Princess G is about 3 feet 4 1/2 inches.

The girls love looking at all of the pumpkins, especially the giant ones (sorry I forgot to take a picture.) Next we went to the Hobby Hall to view all of the collections. We also got to watch some wood carving.
No trip to the Fair is complete without getting some soft serve ice cream. We usually get two cones which the girls eat about half and then pass off to us. This year I got two or three licks, as did Daddy, and they ate the rest!
Princess A couldn't wait to go to the fishing exhibit and as soon as it opened (it starts at noon on weekends) we headed over there. Alomst as soon as they started Princess G just caught her first fish! She was so excited, especially since she was the first one in her group to catch a fish.

Right after Princess A caught her fish. Princess A then went to get Princess G because she was so excited she did not want to leave. As we were leaving I saw that you are suppose to be at least five years old to participate. Whoops! Next we went and saw the new "Weird Al" Yankovic Brain exhibit. The show was fun and the girls are now asking a million question about how our brain works. They have an exhibit with a real human brain but we skip it so we could make the clown show.
The main reason the girls wanted to go to the fair, Jest in Time Circus, a wonderful clown troupe. Last year we went to the fair two days and saw four of their shows. This year I made sure to get a picture of the girls with Li Li Zucchini and Topper Todd. Near the stage is a bus full of books which each child can take one for free. The girls remember this bus and couldn't wait to get inside the bus. We were the first ones in and the last ones to leave as Princess A was having a hard time deciding which book to pick.

The girls also adore the Fair Farm. The girls each got to saw a small log, churn butter, use a water pump and grind grain.
As usual the girls spent a long time washing clothes using this old fashion washboard, a bar of soap and wringer.

Lastly I took the girls through the petting zoo. Daddy picked up a traditional Fisher Fair Scone so once we had cleaned up we were all ready to head home. The fair was lots of fun but I was a little disappointed that the usual free crafts were not offered. We also skipped the rides since they were even more expensive than last year. The fair is still lots of fun especially if you like seeing all of the animals. If you live in western Washington are you going to do the Puyallup?

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