Monday, September 28

Pocketville (Website for Kids) Review

The girls and I have been playing on this great website for kids, Pocketville. After you sign-up each child gets their own virtual pet to adopt (the first pet is free) and take care up. There are games to play to earn Pawllers for snacks, shirts and decorating. You can also purchase token to buy even more things for your pets or to adopt more pets. To get you started hear is a voucher for 250 token: B9GX8NUDYS (expires September 30th)
From Pocketville:
Parents can feel safe letting their children play in Pocketville because the site is 100% secure and no open chatting is permitted. All users are anonymous and can't share personal details with other players. And in addition to the fun they'll have taking part in the games and activities, kids will learn responsibility by taking care of their virtual pets and virtual piggy bank account.
The site has chatting but all the chat is pre-written for example your child can ask someone in the game "What kind of pets do you have at home?" and there is a list of pets to pick from for the answer. Personal information can not be exchanged. The girls loved picking out a pet especially Princess G. Of course I could of guessed that since her favorite game on the DS right now is Nintendogs, which she calls the puppy game. It is a great place for kids to play on the Internet. Go ahead and give Pocketville a try and make sure you use the voucher by tomorrow since it expires September 30th!

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