Thursday, September 10

Kenmore "Crazy Cleaning Confessions"

Do you have a crazy cleaning confession? Mine is my husband! I let him do the real cleaning, except clothes! He does not consider the carpet clean unless he can see the lines from the vacuum cleaner. He is the same way about the lawn too! He always did a lot of the cleaning that involves cleaners but once I became pregnant I never touch any again (besides dish and laundry soap). Kenmore is sponsoring a video contest for "Crazy Cleaning Confessions." If you want to enter the rules are listed here or watch and vote on videos already posted. Do you have a cleaning confession? Here is one of mine: I drive my husband crazy by washing his cup from dinner before he is done. In my defense it usually only has the ice left and sometimes he forgets and it will sit on the counter forever. Last one: I save toothbrushes to scrub the grout between the tile in my kitchen.
What is your Crazy Cleaning Confession?

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  1. My husband does a lot of the cleaning around here too. I tend to do the "general maintenance" stuff (picking up, organizing, washing dishes, laundry) and he tends to do the "deep cleaning" stuff (vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, etc.) - but we both do a little of everything. :)


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