Tuesday, September 8

New Park

We have lived here for almost four years but I am still discovering new things. A friend of Princess A's (she also invited Princess G) had a birthday party at a park we had never been to.
The park had a great playground just the right size.
Right next to the playground is wonderful and shallow stream.
As part of the birthday party the girls made milk carton boats and sailed them in the stream.

As part of a scavenger hunt they also got to hunt for plastic lizards and frogs. While searching we also found two plastic Easter eggs. We threw out the candy from one but I let the girls keep the toy snake found in the other.
Pinata time!

Princess A took a crack at it too! Eventually one of the parents just ripped it as the bat was not doing the job!
We were served a very cute themed lunch. Strawberry mice, cheese birds and mice, gummy fish and other non cat themed food. Princess G only ate the cheese but Princess A shocked me buy loving this salad with avocado, tomatoes, pinto beans, onions and a strong vinegar dressing. I still need to get that recipe! I love finding new places to take the girls!

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