Wednesday, September 16

Princess A Lost her Front Tooth

After dinner this evening Princess A wanted me to pull out her tooth if it was loose enough. Well, it was. It did bleed for a little bit but soon she was fine. She wanted to tell Daddy but he is on a flight back from Phoenix so we called Nana and then Grandpa instead. She talked to each of them for over fifteen minutes. After all of the calls she wanted me to take a picture of her smile so Daddy could she how she looks right after the tooth came out. She has since fallen asleep and the Tooth Fairy already made her delivery, a Sacajawea coin, 2 quarters, 3 pennies, a jewel stuck on her tooth fairy box, she made, and this letter:

Dear Princess A,

I was so excited when I heard you lost your front tooth. I have been hoping I would get to visit you soon. I can't believe you are a first grader. Keep your teeth clean so I can use the next one in the Queen's crown like this one.

Love, Tooth Fairy

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