Thursday, September 10

Honor Grandparents with Your Voice

I received an email from MomSelect and BSM Media about a new technology to send a voice recording via email. From the email:, your go-to online stop for all things grand, have developed "Your Voice" technology which allows you to send voice greetings via email. Whether your child's grandparents live across the country or across the street, they will love listening to their grand children's voice greetings on their computer. Instead of a phone call that comes to an end, recipients of a "Your Voice" greeting can save the message on their computer to listen to over and over again.

My Mom is always telling me I should record the girls saying things because I will forget exactly how they sound at this age. As soon as I heard about Your Voice technology I thought it would be perfect to send my Mom. The girls love talking on the phone with Nana but once the call is over all the cute things they said are only in our memories. Now I can send my Mom a voice email and she can listen to it over and over. I also think it would be great for the girls to send to their other grandparents. Their Grandmother loves them but she has a tendency to not listen and talk over the girls, well really everyone. They get a little frustrated and end the calls early. Now I can have them make a call and they can get their whole thought out with no interruptions.
Princess A made a recording today about what she did at school today. (They each had to bring a 'Me Bag' with five things that represent them.)

It was so easy to make the recording I just:
  1. Clicked on the link
  2. Clicked on orange 'Try it Now!' button.
  3. Call the number and pin number are listed. (long distance charges may apply)
  4. Follow the directions on the phone and record
  5. Hang-up and click orange 'I Have Finished Recording' button
  6. Enter you name, email and recipient's email(s)
  7. Wait for email to arrive, click link in email and listen. (The link is sent to all the emails entered)

I was also thinking that since the recording is sent via email you will always have the date of the recording. I am going to have the girls make a Happy Grandparents/Nana Day greeting for this Sunday. I meant to have the girls make a card but it will never make it in time. It is so easy, go make your kids' Grandparents happy and send a quick recording. I know we will be doing this a few times each month!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by MomSelect and BSM Media.

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