Thursday, September 17

Making a Baby Pinky

Last week Princess A had to pick five things that showed who she is and bring them to school in her 'Me Bag.' Princess A did not want to bring Pinky to school so she came up with the great idea of Mommy making a mini-Pinky that she could take to school. I put it off Tuesday but by Wednesday she kept asking me over and over. I finally agreed to make one.I had some left over felt from some poodle skirts I made for Halloween a few years ago. I sketched the baby Pinky, pinned it and sewed it.
Thursday morning she asked me if it was ready for school. The 'Me Bag' was not due until Friday so I skipped the stuffing so I could sleep. She was really hoping to present her bag that day so while they had breakfast I finished baby Pinky. Can you see how happy and excited she it?!? Baby Pinky was a huge success and well loved until she was lost Monday. Princess A was so upset she couldn't sleep until I told her I would make a new one. Which I did that night.
Now I have to make a baby Hippo for Princess G that looks like her Hippo. I really wish I had a sewing machine. Sewing by hand takes forever!!

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