Wednesday, September 9

Nana's Visit

My Mom has been out of work for a while and has not been able to come and visit. I have offered to buy her a ticket to come but she always wanted to wait until she had a job. I found a great deal on Alaska Airlines. I called her up and told her I was getting her a ticket and if the dates worked for her. It has been too long since her last visit, Easter of 2008. The first full day we went and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks and had a picnic. We took Nana to the great new park we found the week before. Princess G kept walking the edge over and over. If she fell off or got distracted (sorry Mom I kept asking her stuff and taking pictures) she had to start over. She had Nana walk behind her in case she fell, eventually she let Nana walk next to her. Nana was a good sport even though they were at this for at least thirty minutes.
Princess A sailed her milk carton boat for a while and then started playing in the stream. At first she just jumped across, then she wanted to walk across stepping stone while holding my hand. After I showed her how to use the stick for balance she happily played for a long time.
We also explored a little farther upstream. It did smell a little like a toilet as we went upstream and I was a little worried that some of the parents were letting their kids drink from the stream.
The next day we went to a great cupcake shoppe and a princess shop. Nana bought each of them a large pink gem (I think it is suppose to be a paper weight.) The girls only had a bite of the cupcakes and barely had anymore once we got home. I don't think we will go again.

As my Mom spent a lot of time searching for a job on the Internet we just stayed home. The girls wanted to show Nana their scooters.
They also played Red Light, Green Light in the backyard. I am not quite sure why Princess G is in a swimming suit since I told her it was too cool to get wet.
We offered to take my Mom to Pike's Market but she wanted to go somewhere new and exciting. None of our ideas we exciting enough (and she got on the computer again) so we just ended up attending a local farmer's market.
We did take Mom to her favorite restaurant in our area. She loves Thai food but only eats it with us. We also went to the princess store the next day on Sunday to meet Ariel. Before we knew it it was time for my Mom to go home. It was a good visit but I can tell she is down about her lack of work. I really hope she gets something soon. She went back to school to be a teacher (she has her master's now) and since California (where she lives) has laid-off so many teachers will be hard to find a position.

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