Thursday, September 3

Night Before First Day of School

Princess A has been so excited and couldn't wait for school to start. Even though she has been so excited she has also been a little nervous about who her teacher would be. She adored her Kindergarten teacher and she told Princess A her new teacher is super nice which helped. Once Daddy got home (it took him over 90 minutes to go about 20 miles) we went to Open House at school. Princess A saw two of her friends from her class last year and a little girl with the same name she has known for years in her first grade class. Both her teacher and the student teacher were both so sweet. Princess A was still a little shy and nervous but seemed to relax a little. Princess G was not shy at all and started talking the teachers' ears off. We went to visit Princess A's Kindergarten teacher and Princess G latched onto her leg and or hand! I really hope that if we don't move Princess G has her next year!

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