Tuesday, September 8

Flower Headbands Tutorial

Tuesday night I saw a great post on how to make flower headband.
As soon as we dropped Princess A as school Princess G and I went to the dollar store. I purchased four bunched of fake flowers (white, purple, pink and orange), a package of seven headbands, and a packet of fake gems. I already had a hot glue gun and glue.

Here are four of the headbands we made, I couldn't find the other three to take a pictures of. Princess G and I made about four in the morning. After school Princess A got to design a few (I was not going to let her use the glue gun.) I had a few french barrettes hardware and decide to make some barrettes. I made one for each of the girls with just the jewels, a purple and pink one.

I also made two barrettes with flowers.
Directions for flower headbands:
  1. Remove the flower petals from the plastic stems and centers.
  2. Layer the petals how you want the flower to look.
  3. note: For the ones that look like the original plastic flower (like the all pink flower barrette and headband we made) I used two flowers combined. For example: the bottom petal twice, then the middle petal twice and so on. It gave the flowers the right fullness.
  4. Pick a gem to place in the middle of the flower.
  5. Flip the flower over.
  6. Glue the bottom petal to the headband.
  7. Repeat with each layer (I lined up the hole in the center of each petal to keep the flower more even)
  8. note: I also tried to place each petal rotated a little from the one below so the petals are not nestled together.
  9. Lastly glue the gem in the middle (this was my idea).

Thank you for this great idea petit elephant, and if you want to see step by step pictures visit Allison she has great ones in her post. My girls love them and have been wearing them everyday. We have already received many compliments.

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  1. I'm so glad you made and loved them. They're a favorite around here too!


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