Sunday, September 6

The Rainbow Goblins

I love reading this book. My mom would read this book to my siblings and me when I was little. It was a special book that we could only look at if my mom read it with us. The pictures are gorgeous oil paintings. The basic story is rainbow goblins drink rainbows and they are traveling to the Valley of the Rainbow.

From Wikipedia: It is a story of 7 evil goblins, each a different color of the rainbow, who travel through the land catching rainbows and stealing their color. The work was praised for its enchanting oil-on-oak illustrations, which vividly draw the reader into the
world of the goblins; and its simple story, which teaches children about color as well as reverence for natural beauty.

My girls love hearing this story over and over just like I did. I can never decide if the pictures (full oil painting with such detail) or the story is my favorite part. The last page with the flowers turning into butterflies, dragonflies and plumed birds always makes me want to order an extra book just so I can frame it. This is a wonderful book that kids and their parents will enjoy reading. When my girls are grown-up I will follow the tradition and get them their own copies.


  1. Wow! It sounds like a great book. I have one called Rikki Tikki Timbo. It's a real toung twister, but I loved it when I was younger and my daughter loves it now. Great post.

  2. Sounds kinda cute. Thanks for sharing about it!


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