Monday, September 7

Playing Hooky in Seattle

Before school started Daddy took a Monday off so we could play hooky in Seattle. The first stop was Top Pot, a doughnut shop my husband saw profiled on the Travel Channel.The girls each picked out a pink frosted doughnut with sprinkles. My husband and I shared an Old Fashioned and an Apple Fritter. They were a little pricey but very yummy!
We were going to take the girls to the F.A.O. Schwartz that was in the Seattle Macy's but it had closed months ago. I guess it is obvious we don't get to Seattle too often. We only made two trips this summer, both in August. After a little bit of shopping, we had to pick up a wedding gift, it was time for lunch. We ate at family favorite for a quick lunch, World Wrapps.

We then went to the Seattle Center. The girls wanted to go see the fountain first. It was such a nice day Princess G asked me to drive home and come back with her bathing suit.
Instead I let the girls get a little wet. Every time the fountain shot water into the air they would scream and run away. The girls did not really want to get wet so we started to leave.Princess A and I ran ahead and hid (behind a tree too small so Princess G and Daddy could see us). We jumped out and yelled "Boo!" Daddy then ran away with the stroller and the girls chased him. Princess A is surprisingly fast and after catching Daddy she chased me, of course she waited until I had the stroller. That double stroller gets hard to push on grass after Princess G climbs in!
Next it was time for some rides and the girls both went on this ride. Princess G next picked the carousel and Princess A picked the Dumbo/Dragon ride. We still had some tickets left so they both went in one the of bouncy houses.

After the traditional Elephant Ear in the Seattle Center it was time to wait for the monorail.

We finished out round trip on the monorail to head back to our car. It was a wonderful day and so much more fun knowing it was a weekday and we got Daddy to play hooky from work!

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